Know About the Common Russian Visas

If you have decided to travel to Russia for business or leisure, and are not a member of the countries of the former Soviet Union, then you will definitely need a Russian visa for your trip. There are two main visas sought by tourists going to Russia.

The Tourist Visa:

Even if you are traveling for purposes other than tourism, you will still need to obtain a tourist visa. This applies to short-term visits of less than 30 days in length. You can get information about Russian visa application process from various web sources.

Hotel or organization must register with the Department of Consular Service letter in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is illegal to get an invitation from a hotel if you're not going to stay in it at all.

russia visa center

Russian travel agents usually exhibit these laws simply because they can use the document links and then register your visa without having to book a stay at a hotel. Some hotels will even give you a letter for a full stay of 30 days even if you only booked two nights to stay with them.

Business Visa:

It is a flexible visa that gives you multiple entries to Russia for a period of up to one year. If you are a regular visitor to Russia then this should be a visa you receive. Even if you do not often and you want to have an extended stay in Russia, then you should apply for a tourist visa.

Under the law, this visa is intended for those visiting Russia on business, but once again, it is a legal loophole that allows people to go around. There are those who use the visa for a private visit without having to book.

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