The Top 5 Healthy Indian Dishes

The idli oats

Idli is a savory rice cake eaten primarily for breakfast in southern India. Recently, people have begun to replace rice with oats and what you get is such a delicious dish, but with fewer calories. 


Dhokla is a famous and traditional indian cuisine with a fusion twist from Gujrat. While the chickpeas already have a high protein content, the fermentation process further improves its nutritional value. The availability of nutrients such as vitamin K riboflavin, and folic acid, are said to improve as a result of fermentation, which makes dhokla a very healthy process.

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Rosep aon

This is a little-known dish from the northeast state of Nagaland, which consists of vegetables, bamboo shoots, and dried fish. The only spice used to flavor this dish are the ground chilies, ginger, and garlic. Bitter gourd, beans, eggplant, and vegetables with green leaves are most commonly used in the preparation of Rosep aon. 


It is a South Indian soup made of pepper, tamarind juice, tomato, curry leaves, cumin, and other spices. The stock is usually extracted from Toor dal. Although it is full of flavors, Rasam is especially good for curing digestive problems.

Sattu sherbet

Flour roasted chickpeas is called sattu in India and it is a superfood less recognized easily available in the country. Sattu is known for providing energy to the body now, is high in fiber and contains nutrients such as iron, calcium, manganese, and magnesium.

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