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2020 Travel Guide for Oslob Whale Shark

Swimming with whale sharks in Cebu is one of the main tourist attractions in the Philippines. Even though it’s a controversial activity it is also a very unique experience. The Oslob Whale Shark experience is rated as one of the best places to swim with whale sharks in the Philippines.

Things to expect there

Every morning during 6am to 12pm, local Filipino fishermen feed the whale sharks. Small wooden boats then chauffeur tourists out to where it’s possible to jump in the water and swim with the whale sharks.

Depending on how busy it is, the waiting time could be anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour before your number gets called to jump in the boat and head out to see the Oslob whale sharks. But if you are to book with Cebu Tours, you don’t have to fall in line to wait since you will have your own guide and your guide for the tour will be the one lining up for you.

The Oslob whale shark watching area is no further than 50 meters from the beach. Before you know it you will arrive at the spot and the boatman will tell you to jump into the water. As soon as you dive off the boat you will encounter these beautiful gentle giants face to face.

Things to Remember when swimming with the Whale Sharks

Make sure to be mindful of your surroundings when swimming with the Oslob whale sharks so that you don’t accidentally touch them or kick them by accident as they are not shy and will swim right up next to the boat.

It is best to try and go a bit further away from the boats to get an actual chance to swim together next to the whale shark. You will see about a dozen whale sharks in Oslob during the 30 minutes allotted time.

A common question that gets asked is if it’s safe to go swimming with whale sharks in Cebu and the answer is Yes, 100%.

Even though whale sharks are the biggest fish in the ocean that can grow up to 32ft and weigh 200 tonnes, they are very humble creatures and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Whale sharks are filter feeders which means they swim with their mouth wide open when feeding on plankton and other small fish before filtering out excess saltwater. They don’t like the taste of humans

Tips For Choosing An Eye Care Doctor

Caring for your eyes is good because it gives importance for your overall health. That's why choosing your eye care practitioner is regarded as an important health care decisions.

Remember that you will believe a sense of sight to these professionals to help you maintain a clear vision for life. Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can choose the best doctor to take care of your eyes. You can have a peek here to get the best eye doctor.

You must know the full name of the doctor. It is important for you to check the record if he actually licensed by a state regulatory board.

Looking for a professional website in your country's regulations. You can search for the name in the database or request a certification of the Governing Body as proof that the person is qualified to diagnose and treat a variety of eye-related problems.

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Take the time to research on his professional experience as well. Having a lot of experience under his name speaks more of trust and credibility as a professional eye health care.

Check out some printed and online sources. Did he receive recognition for outstanding practice in recent years? Was he involved in something that showcases expertise in the profession?

Was he involved in any charity work together with other eye care professionals? This information will give you instructions on how active he was in the same community.

Next is to find out whether these doctors offer various ranges of services, especially the kind of service you need.

You would be more comfortable going to him for consultation if you know that you will have everything you need in just one place, thus saving more time and energy on your end as a patient.

Then check out the reviews from former patients through their website or blog. These are the people who have first-hand experience of their eye care with the ophthalmologist.

Send an email and asked to meet with these people personally. Ask as many questions as you can and keep a note of their answers and how they assess the expertise and dedication based on their personal experience.

Can Bitcoin Transform Real Estate Investment?

We've become used to the idea of the transformative power of technology. Businesses in the financial sector are also using technology in all sorts of interesting ways from using apps to communicate with customers more directly, to using the data gathered to analyze their future behavior and then market commercial products in a simple way that wasn't possible before.

There are also other technologies, such as cryptocurrencies, that have exciting and interesting implications for the real estate market and they are becoming increasingly commonly used in real estate transactions. Read this article to know how bitcoin helps in buying property.

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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are supported by the safety of blockchain technology, it is opposing to scam and has low transaction fees that need to be paid for exchanges using cryptocurrencies.

But it seems that in the business world at least, there is real interest in the way that cryptocurrencies can transform the way that people buy and sell real estate. As Bitcoin is rising into society’s extensive selection as a decentralized cryptocurrency, next-generation blockchain technology makes a lot more to the real estate business than just a return option.

Another huge change could be in the way that transactions are validated the secure nature of blockchain and the cryptocurrencies that depend on it, and the ease with which they can be used across international borders has the potential to make transactions much safer.

Tree Pruning Firms: Protecting Us From Hazards

People may disagree with this, but one needs a good cutting tree service. Some people like to grow shrubs near their homes. Shrubs and bushes look aesthetically beautiful. They offer shade to us on scorching hot days.

However, they pose a great threat to life as well. It may not seem obvious, but many people have come to know it when they actually face the danger of wild shrub planting. You may check this site to hire a reliable tree trimming service.

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Trees Companies Cutting Services throw light on the same: –

  • Bush did not take permission before growing into a villain. One cannot restrain their growth with ease.
  • They may fall on the property and can be severely damaged. Also, they can cause injury to human life, with a fall in living organisms. Imagine a large shrub branch falls on new cars bought by someone.
  • Bush weakens the home base. Bush sprained home or weakens the structure of the foundation. Overgrown shrubs are highly damaging to the charm of the park. Someone who makes a strong effort to agriculture beautiful garden may have a difficult time seeing it getting ruined.
  • Some electrical wires hanging low in the sky. A tall shrub with branches can mingle with electric cables. First, because this potential danger is that the cable is damaged. Second, it can cause a short circuit or may electrocute home.

Advantage Of Reversing Camera

The advantages of reversing cameras are attractive to several drivers. Whether you own a car, truck or driver, you will always benefit by installing an inverted camera in your vehicle as it will help you stay away from a difficult situation.

While opting for a reversing camera, you must keep in mind that most of these cameras are designed to sport wide-angle lens. If you are looking for more information about reversing cameras you can check here now .

reversing camera

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What this means is that these cameras will not provide you with a good view of distant objects, but they will dramatically increase your ability to see the horizontal path. Since it gives you an ideal view from one corner of your car to the other, it becomes very easy to reverse your car without hurting anyone else.

Typically, people choose parking sensors to overturn their car, but when it comes to a large vehicle, it becomes unavoidable to go for overturning cameras, as they are more useful without accident.

Therefore, a reversing camera is important but you have to set it correctly to get the right result. To do this on your own, you have to start by disconnecting the battery cable. The next thing is to decide where to install your camera.

After setting a point, you should drill a hole but make sure the hole is perfect for your camera, neither too big nor too small. After placing your camera in the bumper, you must connect the backup-light power wire to your camera's power wire. Then you have to put the output wire of the camera on the monitor.

Benefits of Timely Roof Repair And Upkeep

Does your roof have some problems like rust, cracks, leaks, missing shingles, and jagged tiles? If that's the case, your roof needs repair and upkeep prior to any severe issues arise.

No matter how long-lasting your roofing is, it is going to undergo intense wear and tear over time and show signs of harm. If you’re looking for more information about leaking roof repairs in Melbourne check this out

leaking roof repairs

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Therefore, with Roof Repairs, you don't need to worry as the specialist will inspect your housetop and take out the required repairs. Your roof can develop a selection of issues from prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Some Advantages of roof repairs are as follows:

Restoring The Worth as-well-as Aesthetics

A recently restored roof will increase the attractiveness of your dwelling hence, raising its worth. On the contrary, a failed and badly conditioned roof will radically decrease the attractiveness of your property or any house for that matter.


Maintaining and repairing your housetop at regular periods will help you save a great deal of money in the long term. Additionally, restoring your roof will probably cost you a lot less than installing a new roof.

Selecting a Superior Roofing Contractor

On-time roof repairs and upkeep help you to save money and restore the beauty of your dwelling. It's also equally important to locating a trusted roofing contractor to perform the job. Research nicely and pick a contractor that works for a trusted business.

Migrating To Australia – A Sound Decision

When you think of a better place to work or your final destination, Australia has always come first but then you might be asking yourself that Why? Why work in Australia, why to travel to Australia to work … why only Australia came first?

This will be a very simple question to answer as you will get to know about the environment. Everyone is talking about the financial crisis, many countries go through it, but Australia remained fairly unharmed by these disasters. You can know about Australian work visa at

Backup kinds of coal ore iron, natural gas, gold, uranium, renewable energy sources and copper in Australia attract more foreign investors and keep the economy at a great height. Also, the country is a tourist destination and its fame is growing. There are numerous reasons to work in Australia.

Employment opportunities exist

The unemployment rate in Australia is very low – 5.2%. While in other countries there is a shortage of work, Australia has more job openings for skilled workers accordingly.

Work environment in Australia

In addition to salary and great employment opportunities, other benefits you will get when working in Australia is the main working environment. Australia, in general, provides a great job and life balance. Most of the jobs are 9-5, most people there are very friendly and they offer great facilities.

Best Features Of Luxury Homes Most Clients Like

Speaking of luxury homes will originally send someone into the imagination of a large, spacious, and the palace-like residence.

It will picture a large swimming pool, a showcase of entertainment, and a paradise-like garden that also accompanies this imagination. You can also take a look at luxury collection by Ki Residences in Hoi Hup via

While most luxury homes may have these features, there is still a common feature of most high-end home buyers. 

Gym and Fitness Center: – Luxury individual also wants to achieve maximum comfort in their large home. And being healthy, fit, and exceptional is also a part of the daily routine.

They want to have their access to the gym and wellness center where world-class fitness and exercise machines are placed.

Barbecue Area and Outdoor Kitchen: Just like any person who is a confessed foodie, many luxury homeowners want a barbecue area and an outdoor kitchen in their home.

Gaming Locations: This feature is the best suited for the owners of luxury homes who have kids. The gaming area mainly consists of a pool table and a swimming pool, a playing area, etc.

Lift: Who says that the elevator can only be found in the shopping malls? Not anymore, because another highly preferred feature of luxury homes is the elevator leading from one room to another. Easy access to other rooms complements their classy lifestyle.

If you are looking for the best luxury homes cost in your area, real estate agents were friendly can help you. You can also search online to get the best luxury home.

Why Espresso is The Most Popular Type of Coffee?

There are so many different types of coffee beans available in the market which is sometimes confusing. One type that is very popular among coffee lovers is the espresso coffee.

Espresso coffee is very thick compared with other types of this beverage brewed coffee because when you force the hot water vapour which is under great pressure through finely ground coffee beans. You can check out espresso bar for wedding via for getting more knowledge about espresso coffee.

A cup of espresso will take about 30 seconds to be ready. Once completed, a typical cup of espresso should have a creamy layer of gold lying on the surface. In fact, 'espresso' is actually "expres" in French, which actually means "especially for", in other words, means that it is made only to certain people.

These days, espresso beverages are fast gaining popularity and a cup of espresso can be easily brewed with a pump to accelerate the speed of brewing. Best espresso beans are placed in the pump which is then used to brew each cup of coffee. In addition to roasting nuts, seeds themselves will make a difference to the taste of espresso. So, if you want to have a cup of aromatic and freshly brewed espresso, you should choose the best espresso coffee beans such as Arabica Beans.

Once you have chosen the right beans for espresso, you must decide how you want your coffee beans to be roasted for your espresso. Some choose to be on the lighter roast but generally, darker roasted espresso coffee beans are preferred for more complete espresso flavor.

Attractive Stand Up Pouches For Packaging

Stand up pouch may not completely new to the appearance market; they have completely changed the appearance market in such a way as to ensure quite a bit of attention. However, despite their achievements, there are still companies that use the technique of the old appearance to promote their products, and they are really losing out on an opportunity to save a great choice, simply through the use of stand up pouch.

The bag is very useful for companies' items, cosmetic items, food, etc. The stand-up pouch looks great on store shelves because they provide plenty of space for the design and important educational information. They are available in a number of variations and with several different techniques of accessibility, such as Enclosable zippers, spouts, sliders, or stickers. Also, you can search for the clear stand up pouches via

Taking the position of the bags come in various designs. The most typical pattern is a round-bottom, k-seal, and the plow base. Your use will depend on the product or service and your personal preferences. Your company can give advice based on your particular needs. When musing about the types of materials to be used to provide food, aluminum foil bags are usually the coolest bid.

It has been used for many years and has demonstrated efficiency for some people that do not need to fear that it won't perform. They are available in this type of replacement that allows an individual to choose the people they like. One can also find quad close off aspects of aluminum foil gusseted bags commonly used to package the whole or floor espresso java beans, crazy, loose- tea simply leaves and floor blends with others.