What Are The Causes That Triggers Anxiety in Dogs?

Dogs with anxiety can be difficult to pinpoint an exact cause since they worry about nearly anything. In reality, when your dog begins to anticipate something bad and starts to fear it, anxiety will begin to set in. 

Even if the threat is not visible, the dog may still begin to act frightened because it has linked the action to his fear of the threat. This means that even removing the leash can make the dog anxious because he is already expecting to meet other dogs while walking. This explains why some dog owners have a hard time getting their dogs out of the house. If your dogs struggling with the same problem, one can visit separationanxietysorted.com/ for professional assistance.

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Cause of Anxiety in Dogs

Early social training, or more often its lack, can play a large role in the development of fear and anxiety in dogs. It's important to expose puppies to different people and situations from a young age, but sometimes this doesn't happen because the breeder doesn't see it as important or the new owner doesn't understand the importance of the early stages of socialization.

The character also plays a role in how healthy or anxious a dog is. Some dogs are naturally more cautious or fearful and need more encouragement to cope with new experiences or environmental changes.

Reduces Anxiety in Dogs

One way to reduce your dog's anxiety is to make sure you stay calm when your dog is anxious. When an anxious dog realizes that its owner is also anxious, it can increase anxiety and also make them fearful of the situation.

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