Use Of Medical Marijuana In California Via Online

California's Medical Marijuana Program operates at the county level. It is not at the state level. To obtain a license you need to find out if there are any regulations in your county. A form will be required to complete and a recommendation written from a doctor. 

A Google search will show that it is possible to get a medical marijuana license much easier than you might think. A recommendation for a license can be made by doctors for as low as $99.00

Online medical cannabis in California has seen a significant increase in medical marijuana deliveries since the act was passed. Medical marijuana dispensaries now have "cannabaristas" just as coffee shops have baristas. 


A person who has a medical marijuana license can purchase anything at these dispensaries. This includes everything from marijuana-infused candy bars to multiple grades of herb.

It is important that you know that even though California law allows medical marijuana to be used, federal law still considers marijuana an illegal narcotic. Federal law has led to many federal criminal charges against dispensaries. The Bush Administration was notorious for dispensary raids. However, they have been stopped by President Obama.

California's laws regarding marijuana possession will vary depending on how much you have. A $100.00 fine is assessed if you have more than 28.5 grams. You could be sentenced to a minimum of six months imprisonment or a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500) or both. 

The type of crime, the amount of drug in possession and the amount of the drug in question will determine whether the charges are a felony or misdemeanor. You may face additional criminal charges and sentencing if you are a repeat offender or have solicited minors.

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