Top 5 Christian Social Networking Sites

Social networking is about communities. But with the freedom of expression, profanity rampant on the internet, many Christians are looking for social networking sites to uphold a certain level of standards. You can also search online and can find the best christian churches nearby you.

Top 5 Christian Social Networking Sites

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Tangle is all about saying. A place where you can personalize and convey exactly what makes you.

Tangle makes it possible for those to discuss articles  such as videos, audio, photographs and other stuff. Is video part was rated in worth at $30 million in GLG Partners.

Locate feature musicians and get free mp3's only for connecting.


The myspace equivalent for Christians. This faith based Social Networking Sites mirrors the mega-phenom Myspace by allowing you to make friends, shout out, rank, post blogs, even chat on forum and group listings.


When searching at Christian Social Networking websites, you can’t leave out those concentrated on the church. provides free social media for Christian Churches. You are able to make a community for your church, share photographs, invite members post last Sunday's sermon.


FaithLight gets my nod to its prettiest style and easiest to navigate, but not only does this include my essentials to produce this record there's also a huge focus on the Bible and prayer requests.

FL includes a completely trained Christian team that's also very devoted to maintaining the action of earning new friends, a secure one.


I could not resist. We know that it's difficult to meet people on the internet, and I am living evidence that works. Post a profile, browse at no cost, even socialize via live chat and video.

You are able to initiate contact at no cost and even speak anonymously to get started. 

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