The Benefits Of Physical Therapy in Annapolis

People often associate physical therapy (or PT) with someone who has been injured. Physical therapy can be used to aid someone who has been in an accident, suffered from a stroke, or was hurt in an automobile accident. Physical therapy isn’t only for people with physical injuries. Anyone can use PT to improve mobility, manage chronic pain, treat injuries, or prevent injury from happening again.

In Annapolis, a variety of reasons may lead your primary care provider to refer you to the best physical therapist.

Substitute for surgery

Physical therapeutic in Annapolis, MD can be used to avoid having surgery. Many patients prefer to avoid surgery as it is costly and invasive. Physical therapy can be just as effective as surgery if you are injured or have degenerative dish diseases such as meniscal tears, spine stenosis, and spinal stenosis.

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Pain Management

In pain management cases, physical therapy is being used more than prescribing opioids. The CDC encourages health care professionals to suggest safer options for patients. Opioids can lead to depression, addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and even overdose, which can result in death. The CDC recommends physical therapy as a safer alternative to opioids for patients suffering from long-term pain. 

Injury Prevention and Recovery

For those who have suffered an injury or need to improve their movement, physical therapy may be recommended. Anyone who has had a motor vehicle accident or has mobility problems that have affected their daily life can be eligible for this therapy. If a patient is at risk of re-injuring their own body, PT can be extended to last longer. This service may be beneficial for patients who are involved in sports or who have to perform physically demanding jobs.

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