Term Or Universal Life Insurance-Which To Choose?

Life insurance offers many benefits necessary for individuals and families, and it is an important part of a good solid overall financial plan. In case of death of a person, a policy can provide many benefits to their relatives, including repayment of debt, covering funeral and other related expenses, the loss of income, or pay for education for the future of a child. 

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There are two main types of life insurance – term and permanent. And in the permanent life insurance category, there are several variants. It is important to understand how life insurance makes the right decision about which type is best for your specific situation.


The term life insurance provides a cost effective solution for temporary needs life insurance. Moreover, it can be a good way for those who can not afford the high premiums, but the protection of the need for a significant amount of life insurance coverage. And in some cases, life insurance can be converted to permanent coverage at a later date.


A popular type of permanent life insurance is universal life. Universal life insurance can provide a guaranteed life insurance protection and flexibility of build cash value. 

With universal life, each month, the insurance company a certain amount deducted from the policy's cash value to cover the cost of the death benefit, and for all the riders on the policy. In addition, interest is credited to the policy based on the cash value at the time and according to a current stated interest rate.

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