Signs That Your Tree Is About To Fall

A dead tree not only is unappealing to the eye, but it can also pose a risk to the property and life of the neighborhood. It's not difficult to recognize the signs of a problem.

However in case you're not sure, contact us to speak with our expert tree care to evaluate the potential risk. You can find the best emergency tree services in Marietta through various online websites.

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The most obvious indicators of a problem are:

1. Dead Branch

When the leaves of trees are falling for no reason this could be an indication of an issue. Deadwood can indicate that your tree is dying. It is exactly as it sounds deadwood. The branches of dying trees have dried out and can break easily in Marietta.

If you see dead twigs frequently cut them off to look inside the tissue. If the tissue appears green, there's no reason to be concerned about it. If the twig or branch seems dead this could indicate another issue.

2. Rotten Roots

When trees get older, they are vulnerable to decay and problems such as fungus. Signs of a fungal disease include spores that resemble mushrooms near the root.

Root rot from Armillaria is widespread among trees, and it affects the trees directly by dying or rendering them weak and vulnerable to other illnesses in Marietta. Other signs of a root that is rotten include the appearance of lighter wood that has yellowing leaves in Marietta. 

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