Natural Gas Pipeline Line Heaters

With an increasing number of people turning to natural gas for heating their homes and businesses, these pipeline line heaters are becoming the standard. 

These systems are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our country, by ensuring everything is being done as energy-efficient as possible. For an amazing heating system, you can also look for a HotCat line heater or water bath line heater at Bruest Heaters.

What are Natural Gas Pipeline Line Heaters?

Pipeline line heaters are used to maintain a constant and safe temperature for natural gas pipelines. 

The line heather is made of steel and lined with aluminum tubing. The electric components are powered by 220 volt, 15 amp circuit breakers and are controlled by an electronic thermal regulator. The control limit is set at 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do they Work?

Natural gas pipeline line heaters are devices that are installed underground to warm the natural gas when it is being transported. They work by reducing the space between the pipeline and the ground. They use electricity to heat up a metal coil, which is then pumped down into the ground. The ground will be heated as well as the natural gas inside of it.

How to Select the Right Natural Gas Pipeline Line Heater

There are many options in a gas pipeline line heater, but the first step is choosing which type of natural gas pipeline you need. Gas pipeline line heaters can be powered by propane, natural gas, or electrical. Each type has pros and cons that must be considered.

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