Know All About Truck Mounted Cranes

It was the Greeks who invented the construction crane in the 6th century for all the heavy lifting and other related works. However, today it has become one of the heaviest tools, what with it being used in almost all industries now such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation.

One of the most popular cranes that are widely used due to the greater mobility and stability it offers is the all-terrain crane. To know more about all terrain crane at best price you can search the internet.

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Coming in different weight capacities ranging from 15 to 1300 tons, these are dual-purpose machines that can be used both as a crane and as a truck.

Types of Cranes

Apart from the truck-mounted cranes, there are various other types of load lifters that are used as a part of heavy machinery. Having their own very important, these are different depending on their composition and fabrication. These are as follows:

Side lifter:

This crane truck has the unique feature of stacking two containers on each other. It can unload and load containers from any location such as ground, from another truck, dock location or a railway car. To accomplish this, it is mounted with a pair of a hydraulic crane. In addition to this, it also has hydraulic adjustable legs that help in operating from all kinds of uneven grounds too.

All Terrain Crane:

Ideal for all types of industrial as well as off-road construction jobs, it is one of the easiest ones to drive on the public roads. Used to carry loads ranging up to 1200 tons, it is reliable and comparatively safe to use due to the various safety features pre-installed in the crane.

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