Items you Should Never Bring to a Hostel


Hostel packing is slightly different yet, not at all rocket science. However, amateur travelers make a lot of mistakes especially when it comes to packing their bags. These are a few items that should be left behind at home before traveling to a destination and staying in a hostel.

  1. Fancy Clothes and Shoes – Staying in a hostel offers a similar feeling as staying in your own house. Make sure you keep your avatar simple and only get one good pair of clothes if you’re about to hit the hostel bars. Moreover, try bringing expensive shoes to the hostel. Remember; you are traveling with other travelers.
  2. Large Suitcase – A large suitcase is ideal however, not while traveling and staying in a hostel. For once; a large suitcase is heavy to carry around making it uncomfortable during your travel. Moreover; a large suitcase takes a lot of space to store which may become a problem for other travelers to store their bags.
  3. Large Towels –Sounds ideal however, carrying a large towel will take more space inside your bag. Hostels offer a clean pair of towels for all travelers. All you got to do is just ask the hostel staff and a clean pair of the towel will be provided to you.
  4. DSLR Cameras – These are popular cameras used by professionals. However, these are quite big in size and take additional space inside your bag. Instead, try getting a camera from companies such as GoPro and DJI. They sell cameras that are small in size and capture great videos and images.

Avoid these items while staying in some of the best Koh Phangan hostels.

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