Is Buying Hotel Rooms Right For You? Reasons Why it Might Be

There are many options for property investments, particularly overseas. There are many options available, from traditional holiday homes to shared-ownership plans to off-plan apartments. However, one type of investment is becoming more popular: buy to let hotel rooms.

You can buy hotel rooms, condo-hotels, or apart-hotels. The concept is simple. Individual investors have the opportunity to purchase hotel rooms in a resort or hotel. Investors can make a great income by renting out rooms, enjoying capital growth, and even using the hotel room as a holiday destination at Marina Shores Hotel in Dana Point.

2 suite room living room

A buy to let hotel room could be a good option if you are looking to invest in property overseas or close to home. Here are the reasons it may be.

Hotel rooms that you can rent to let can reduce your risk exposure

When you buy a hotel room to rent, your investment is not in the room itself but in the overall success of the hotel. Buy to let suites and hotel rooms are generally combined so you can earn a portion of the room rates throughout the hotel. While a single investment property can be left empty for many months, which could lead to lost revenue, hotel rooms are able to attract guests year-round.

Hotel rooms that you can buy to let are a great investment and offer decent returns.

Current markets can make it difficult to get the financing you need to invest in property. This problem is only magnified if the property you wish to invest in has an international location.

You pay for hotel rooms. Someone else handles all the hassles.

The best thing about buy-to-let hotel rooms is that a professional team takes care of everything, from furnishing the rooms and fixing any problems with the toilets. Management companies will gladly pay a large percentage to manage their properties. When you purchase hotel rooms, this service is included.

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