Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Children

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a branch of cranial osteopathic work, popularized by John Upledger DO. Skull concept was first developed by an osteopath called William Garner Sutherland in the early 20th century.

Cranial work uses the principles of osteopathic application of anatomy and physiology to correct limitations in anatomy that causes dysfunction and disease. You can look for the practitioners of cranio-sacral therapy in Santa Cruz.

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Children are often given a medical diagnosis, which is then used as the basis for treatment, targeted at the specific manifestations of the disease. So in the case of asthma, inhalers will be prescribed.

However, from an osteopathic perspective, what needs treatment not the disease process, which is only a manifestation of imbalance in the body, but the root of the imbalance itself. Even when parents bring their children to a particular problem, there is almost always a number of other symptoms that are revealed in the consultation.

As a result of the treatment, the problems seemingly unrelated side clarify the reason for seeking treatment. This is because all the symptoms are simply different manifestations of the underlying problem. The osteopathy job is to treat the underlying pattern and improve the overall health of children.

Childbirth can be traumatic for the child, causing imbalances and tensions in the cranium and the entire body. Osteopathy, carefully take the case history and feel the state of health of children, including the effects of stress and trauma, can build up a picture of the cause of the pain.

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