Does Glass Pool Fence Provide Safety?

While there are many safety-related products such as pool alarms, sensors and covers, only pool fences offer permanent protection at all times. This type of passive safety means that adults don't always have to be near the pool if children are around the pool area. 

There are many types of ‘indoor pool paling’ (also known as ‘palissade de la piscine intrieure’ in the French Language). Some of them include aluminum, chains, glass, netting, vinyl, wood, and wrought iron. 

Pool Fencing - Provista Balustrades - Glass Swimming pool fencing

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Of all the options available, glass pool fencing is the best for many reasons such as:-  

Security: This is the main function of the pool fence. It can be made in various shapes and sizes and can cover the entire area around the pool. The strength, durability and coverage of a glass railing will certainly help prevent a child from being involved in a pool accident.

Treatment: Glass pool fencing also has other advantages over other options such as wood, metal, or links which can rot or rust. The glass is relatively easy to care for. Apart from cleaning the glass, there are no other actual maintenance costs. 

Background: Ultimately, glass pool fencing is the least impressive of all. Glass has the ability to blend beautifully with the background so that it doesn't look weird or turn into the eye. Plus, you don't have to fit the rest of your home into your fence. With a glass fence, it fits perfectly into your home.

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