Choose Swimming Pool Safety Covers

One of the leading causes of death and injury in children under the age of 14 is drowning according to the CDC. A pool cover can prevent this unnecessary tragedy. There are several types of safety covers available that you can choose from.

A standard sized rectangle is cheaper than a custom cover, but keep in mind that many manufacturers cancel the warranty if you use rectangles on free forms, Greek or oval pools. You can buy swimming pool protective cover from various online sources.

The two basic types of covers are mesh covers and vinyl covers. Vinyl covers are not usually considered pool cover because water can accumulate on the surface of the cover. Some vinyl covers are available with mesh panels in the middle that allow water to flow into the pool.

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There is also a pump that will pump water from the cover. The pump usually works on the sensor and lights up when they feel the presence of water on the cover.

Swimming pool safety covers protect your pool from leaves and debris while allowing water to flow into the pool. All safety covers must be able to support 485 lbs per 5 square feet of the pool cover. The cover is pulled tightly above the surface of the pool water and fastens it to the pool deck with anchors and loops. Mesh covers allow mud to filter into the pond when not in use for a long time.

There is an automatic swimming pool safety available. It curls on a roll and fastens it to the track on the side of your pool. They operate with electricity and the key used to turn it on. While automatics provide comfort, they are much more expensive than standard safety covers.

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