A Summer High School Program

As each school year comes to a close in the spring, most parents of teens experience mixed feelings about the upcoming summer months. There is usually some little voice back there somewhere wondering if some kind of summer school program should be considered. But parents also want to enjoy some relief from the constant battle to make sure homework is done, grades are good, and all is well in the academic world.

Eventually, most parents come to realize that the looming summer vacation from school should be more than just 'fun in the sun' for teens. You can also choose the high school summer one-course programs to gain real-world experience.

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Statistics show that the summer months are a more dangerous time for teens with regard to drugs, alcohol, and getting in trouble. And those same statistics tell us that a significant amount of learning is lost if teens don't stay mentally active.

Did you know that when school starts back in the fall each year, teachers typically spend up to six weeks teaching lessons that were taught the previous year? It's true, and it happens because of a phenomenon known as the "summer brain drain" or the "summer slide."

Those terms refer to the loss of learning that students suffer during the summer due to not participating in educational activities. Suffice it to say that a good amount of research has been done on this loss of learning that occurs during the hiatus from school.

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