3 Alloy Wheel Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

The beauty, the lightness and corrosion resistance of the alloy wheels are a preferred option for many car owners. However, their appearance and qualities can be affected by dust, dirt and chemicals that come in contact with. 

Cleaning the wheels directly on the car

This will help clean the front alloy wheels, but you will find it extremely difficult to remove dust and dirt jammed between the sections of the rims. You can buy high performance alloy material from companies like RJ Technical Resources.

More importantly, you will not be able to clean the back at all. While the wheels may look good, their inner part can still be exposed to damage and degradation. 

For all these reasons, you should remove them before starting the cleaning. You should not place them directly on the ground, but on sufficiently large support bars.

Wash the wheels after driving

This is a huge mistake because it can cause damage. If you spray hot alloy wheels with cold water, the discs can crack and professional repair or replacement will be necessary. 

Even if the damage does not occur, the cleaning product you use can dry too quickly and leave stains. That's why you have to wait until the edges are completely cooled.

Using a brush to remove disc Dirt

The hairs of the hard brush can easily cause scratches on the metal surface. Likewise for the steel wool and other cleaning tools with abrasive capacity. Minor scratches can set the stage for other damages including corrosion and cracking. 

To ensure proper cleaning, you should use a soft bristle brush. It should not have sharp edges that can cause scratches. stubborn dirt can be removed with a safe cleaner.

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