Will Artificial Intelligence Beat Business Coaches?


One cannot deny the fact that artificial intelligence or AI is on the rise. Many businesses are focusing their attention to this new technology in order to get their work done on time and with precision. For instance; medicine industry has seen a major impact due to the introduction of AI. So, will this new form of technology really impact the lives of professional coaches? Let’s focus on some important points.

  • In the earlier days, scientists and engineers believed that human mind was easy to crack with a few set of tricks. It is true however, not entirely. One could change the patterns of the human brain based on language, math and knowledge up to certain extent. However, even after the introduction of AI, human brain’s characteristics such as intuitive, trust and emphatic is not that easy to crack. One of the key reasons behind the failure is that a human mind has limitations and therefore, professionals working in the field of coaching, arts, psychotherapy are safe even when AI is around.
  • Business coach as a professional was introduced without depending on the internet, AI or even our smart phones. The creator of this field was Thomas Leonard who insisted that this field was made for the future. For example: an organization will work better when there’s a mixture of old and new generation of employees working. Thomas Leonard had also mentioned that with the help of the internet, people can choose to learn about business coaching however, the fees would be different.

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