Why SCC Tests Is Essential For Your Cattle

Somatic Cell Count (SCC) is the main indicator if the amount of milk is less or more. The majority of somatic cells are leukocytes (WBC) found in milk. This count shows an immune response to the pathogen Mastitis and a small number of epithelial cells (which are milk-producing cells released from the udder of the cow when infection occurs).

SCC is qualified as a number of cells per ml of milk. Statistics show that an SCC range of fewer than 10.00,000 cattle is not affected and if the number is greater than 250,000 it means the cow is infected.

Following are the ways to reduce the high SCC of your cattle:

  • Keep the cow clean and dry at all times. In this way, the surface of the cow's dot will be cleaned and it will prevent bacteria from entering the thin layer of the body.
  • Seek help from qualified professionals.
  • Perform Protrack SCC for Somatic Cell Count, Detect Mastitis in Cows by LIC per month to identify herd trends and determine infected cows.
  • Run monthly bulk tank culture through a reliable laboratory to find out what types of bacteria cause mammary infections. Saber SCC is an automatic in-line sensor that gives you SCC results within 2 minutes after cupping cows. Therefore you don't need to wait for lab results for too long.


If the bulk tank culture results show a high level of infectious mastitis pathogen. Then identify infected cows by breeding individual cows. Reduce cattle-to-cow spread and remove high SCC 

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