WhiteWater World on Australia’s Gold Coast

The park is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland is a famous amusement park throughout Australia.

It features amazing rides and slides including green spaces, The Rip, the Temple of Huey and the Cave of Waves.

This slide has made a great place to go when visiting Queensland as it provides a wide range of activities for people of all ages who love the water. IF you want to know more about the Gold coast, you can contact Infinity Attraction.

This park begins in a dark time in Australia because there is a serious shortage of water for one of the worst droughts in recent years.

It makes people question the idea of making a water park in an unstable period. It is envisaged and the developers managed to reduce water losses drastically with some changes that allow the park to be drought-friendly.

Public accept this and hope was shattered when the park owner has a shocking 500,000 in one year. This is about 50,000 more than expected for the year.

The park has been created to be the perfect place to spend a day with a variety of attractions, slides and places to eat and rest.

This has made it suitable for people of all different lifestyles and ages. There is a thrill slide, slides for children, the pool is quiet and a place to rest for adults.

Acceptance of the park by the media has been amazing with the print some of the best reviews of all the theme parks in Australia.

It has received great feedback from journalists and visitors alike that have enabled growth and the addition of additional slides like 'The Wedgie' continuously. This slide is one of the largest yet and probably the most fun with people flocking to test it.

Whitewater World is located at the northern end of the Gold Coast, next to its sister theme park Dreamworld. Together, the two parks cover an area of approximately 37 hectares with no less than 45 rides and attractions.

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