When orthodontic treatment is recommended

When orthodontic treatment is required, it is usually because there is a problem that will get worse in the future if not treated now. These include problems such as bites and crossbites, which can progress to painful misalignments and cause joint and jaw pain and chewing problems.

You can make an appointment with a dentist for the cure of your dental problem.

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Orthodontic treatment is also recommended when the teeth are positioned in such a way that gum recession occurs and tends to worsen. This means that the dentist can identify the problem and determine the best time to start treatment.

During the first visit to the dentist, your child's teeth, mouth, and jaw will be thoroughly examined. He or she will ask your child to grit their teeth and may also ask questions if your child has difficulty chewing or swallowing, or has had a cracked jaw.

The orthodontist may take X-rays of the mouth and teeth to see how the teeth are and whether permanent teeth are needed.

There are also differences between boys and girls. Many girls start this treatment at 13 and 14 years of age because they adjust to braces much better than later when they are 15 or 16 and feel more confident in their mid-teens.

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