What You Need To Know About Spray Tans and Other Sunless Tanning Products

The last thing you want to worry about is your skin tone before a big event, whether it be a night out on the town or a work meeting. If you're worried that you'll be sending the wrong message with your current color and complexion, spray tanning might be the answer!

Spray tans have been advertised as a quick fix for those who don't have time for traditional sunless tanning methods. But are they worth the risk?

What are some common sunless tanning products?

There are many types of sunless tanning products on the market. Some popular ones are spray tans, lotions, and gels. Here is a breakdown of each: 

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Spray Tans: Spray tans use a mist or aerosol to apply a tan. They are convenient because you can apply them at home and they are quick and easy to get a tan. One downside is that they may not give you the deepest tan, and they may not be as consistent in color as other types of sunless tanning products.

Lotions: Lotions use oil or lotion to apply a tan. They are less convenient than spray tans because you have to apply them every day, but they can give you a deeper tan that lasts longer. One downside is that they can be messy and may not be good for sensitive skin.

Gels: Gels use a sticky substance to apply a tan. They are more convenient than lotions because you only have to apply them once, but they may be difficult to get off your skin. They also give you a deeper tan than lotions, but it may take longer for them to develop.

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