What Is An Issue In GM Lawsuit?

The allegations made by GM in this lawsuit are serious. The company contends that the cars are defectively designed and manufactured, and that they cause injuries when they're driven. 

GM is asking the court to declare the affected cars a total loss and award it damages worth billions of dollars. You can also browse online sources for GM injury lawsuits.

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Why Is GM Suing These Owners?

GM claims that these owners are responsible for the defects in the cars, because they failed to take proper care of them. The company says that these owners were aware of the risks posed by these vehicles, but nevertheless chose to drive them anyway.

Is There A Reason To Believe That The Cars Are Defective?

Yes, there is reason to believe that the cars are defective. GM has released extensive data compiled from crash investigations into public view which suggests that the Cobalt and G5 models are prone to failure.

Who is suing General Motors?

In April of this year, General Motors announced that it was facing a class action lawsuit from current and former employees alleging that the company's faulty ignition switches caused them to have accidents. 

The suit, which has been filed in federal court in Detroit, is seeking damages on behalf of all current and former GM employees who were injured as a result of the switches.

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