What Is a Professional Headshot

What is a Headshot? How much it costs? – A headshot is a 10×8 sized portrait or a mug shot…

A headshot is a 10×8 sized portrait or a mug shot. It includes a person's head and sometimes shoulders, and it focuses on the face. The headshot that includes persons' shoulders is usually called the 'three quarter' headshot.

In 10×8, actors and entertainers often use both types of headshots. Traditionally, the actor uses black and white headshots and in the United States they are often done in color. Therefore here it is very important to let the photographer know which market you are going to use your headshots for.

The professional model headshots are used by the actor or entertainer to apply for a casting or audition and usually presented to casting directors, which then makes a decision whether a candidate is suitable for the role.

The best headshots should present someone as they really are, their appearance, style and most importantly age. So, if that person has their hair cut or colored, then they will need a set of professional headshots. Headshot should reflect the best qualities of a person. Good photographer will capture the character of a person and therefore increase the chances of getting the right job.

Great professional headshot will focus on people and not on one's clothes. Therefore it is important to get ready prior to the shoot and take a few different tops in black, white, grey and round and v-neck. V-neck top usually helps to elongate the neck rather than to shorten it like round neck top does. Plain clothing is important because no one would want their headshot to be focused on the writing, logos or a set of palm trees that you have on the t-shirt.

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