What Is a NYC Personal Shopper?

Anyone can be a personal shopper, but preparing for personal shopping if you want to be a personal shopper can be a good idea. Training courses are basically trying to help you by shortening the learning curve that can take years, teaching you how to provide such a service, and meaning you start making money faster.

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As a personal buyer, sometimes you need to buy unique and unusual items for a customer to help the customer stand out from the crowd – often a technique used for personal shoppers working with celebrities and high-end customers.

Buyers also advise women and men who don't know what to wear every day because they have trouble putting together clothes.

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You can also help someone find a special outfit for an occasion or event, or just be there to help the money-poor poor customer who wants to look their best but doesn't have the time or the desire.

However, there is room to develop a range of services from this skill such as wardrobe disposal, wardrobe suggestions, image suggestions, swish parties and house style parties. So this can be a really good career path.

It's important that you do all the research and find out what's right for you. Do your research, talk to a friend or family member, or go to a local chamber of commerce to talk to a business advisor. Then you decide which exercises best suit your needs and personality.

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