What Exactly Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

If you have a dispute, contact a local attorney to find out your rights. You and your lawyer have reviewed the laws and facts, and had your best experience in court. The idea is to use the right evidence, a good lawyer, and the court will fix it and bring justice. There are some companies that provide the best ADR services in Canada.

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Then the court documents were blocked. Good lawyers become too expensive for most people. A day in court has turned into half a day that was included in the reports in the other nine cases. Your attorney asks you to try mediation or arbitration to save costs. or the court has ordered you to arbitrate before you can appear before a judge.


Arbitration is not a new concept and is not just for sports teams. It has been used by government agencies for years with varying degrees of success. Businesses used it over 100 years ago, and merchants around the world have used it for thousands of years.

There are several advantages to resolving your dispute. First, as noted above, you have the right to choose who hears your case rather than being randomly appointed by a judge. Second, arbitration shortens the time frame for your case. Instead of going through the court calendar, you can plan your case. 

Parent Coordination

The next formality is parental coordination. This is a fairly new specialty practice in Florida courts and is hopefully a good idea for other jurisdictions. 

Everyone has heard of the family lawsuits that go on to court. Parent coordinators are specially trained individuals tasked with difficult cases to help parents and courts find workable solutions to current parenting problems.


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