What Are The Characteristics Of CAT 5e Network Cables?

CAT5e network cables are improved wires that are employed for creating computer networks in small and large organizations. These ethernet wires are not the same as cat 5 in rate and information-carrying capability. The CAT5e network cables have been designed for high speed carrying of information into longer distances in less time.

If you are in the search for CAT5e network cables then you can refer here- https://www.firefold.com/collections/cat5e-patch-panels. CAT5e network cables possess an incorporated UTP copper cabling that makes their essential usage in creating audio/video systems in addition to the home theater system. 

Cat 5e ethernet patch panles

A number of those other areas where you'll discover extensive usage of cat-5e cabling is to link A/V source elements in home theater into other chambers. The ethernet can be utilized to link home theater into the computer local area network and via the local area network right to the principal online resource.

CAT5e is capable of supporting gigabit ethernet networks, meaning that in the event you have been having 100Mbps change, your very first obvious choice is Cat 5e instead of only Cat 5. There's simply undoubtedly that Cat 5e is regarded as a better variant of ethernet cables compared to Cat 5. 

CAT5e network cables are next-generation ethernet data cables that have been built to streamline the information-carrying capability to extended distances and at faster speeds.

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