Vitamin B17 for Cancer Treatment in Mexico

For many years, research has been done all around the world in search of a cure for cancer. Amygdalin or laetrile as vitamin B17 is known as, has been known to contain ingredients that are beneficial in fighting cancer. Consisting of two glucose molecules, it is extracted from the apricot seed and almonds. You can also look for vitamin b17 cancer treatment via

While research is still on-going and the toxicity of amygdalin is not clear, intake of this supplement should not be more than three grams per day, spread over three equal intervals. Since apricot seeds are not locally available in regular stores, Vitamin B17 in its raw form is not readily available. Therefore, natural extracts have actually been the ones used as substitutes.

Alternatively, you can crack the apricot seeds open and eat them to get these nutrients. However, this can only be possible when the apricot seeds are in season. Almonds on the other hand can be used as a substitute during the seasons when apricots are unavailable.

Apart from the mentioned functions of cancer prevention, vitamin B17 also plays a major role in the general health of the body and our well being as a whole. It has various nutritional components that ensure our bodies are functioning well and have the ability to resist infections that include colds and flu.

It has also been related to the treatment of cancer whereby tests have shown tremendous deterioration of cancer-related cells after completion of treatment using this nutritional supplement. All the same, a healthy balanced diet should also always be followed to ensure that highly positive and healthy results are achieved and maintained.

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