Treatment Options Available for Melasma in Charlotte

Because Melasma is a pigment disorder, it is important for treatments to address the condition at the level of melanin, present in the epidermis and the dermis.

There are various topical creams, available with a prescription, which reduce the activity of biochemical processes involved in producing melanin. The standard concentration of effectiveness is 2-4%.

Cosmetic lasers can also overcome melasma by eradicating structures in skin cells containing melanin. Intense pulse light is not considered a laser. The laser uses one color or wavelength. You can find out more about melasma Charlotte laser via

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IPL, on the other hand, uses several wavelengths that also target melanosomes in the same way as a laser. Because IPL is not a laser, it cannot reach a dermal layer below the surface of the skin. So it is only useful when Melanosome is present in the epidermis.

Melasma occurs predominantly in women of all ethnicities. Although it may seem similar to freckles, melasma has a direct relationship to hormone levels. And while freckles are seen in individuals with fair skin, melasma is common among women with light brown skin tones. In addition to topical and treatments using lasers and light, it is important for individuals to use sunscreen, rated at 30+ SPF that protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

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