Tips To Stop Thumb Sucking

The habit of sucking thumb can cause parents to be worried and they may wonder if the child is damaging their teeth.

Sucking reflex is a natural soothing habit for children. Some children suck their thumbs for comfort and as they get older, the habit should be reduced. You can also get to know more about how to stop sucking habit by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

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Usually, a pacifier would be better than a thumb. The pacifier habits are easier to break than the thumb because a parent can control their child's mouth when they suck pacifiers. Babies use the thumbs to calm themselves. They do this to relax and fall asleep.

Some remedies to stop thumb sucking habit:

  1. Parents should praise their children when they do not suck their thumb, instead of criticizing them when they do so.
  2. Pay more attention to the reason why the child is sucking his thumb. Most of the children can use the thumb to soothe anxiety or insecurity.
  3. If they are older, involve the child with choosing a stopping method.
  4. Get a professional to explain the effects of thumb sucking to the baby.
  5. Having a bandage on their hand can be a reminder to stop sucking the thumb.

Medicine can be recommended by the dentist. It can be applied on the thumb, and the satisfactory effect of thumb sucking will go away.

Even though parents may be stressed about what may happen to their child's teeth, thumb sucking habit is common. Punishing the child for this habit is not going to work for the parents, but appreciation and praise will.

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