Tips on Purchasing a Inkjet Printer

Printers and printing supplies are now in high demand since frequent printing means frequent printer servicing. This applies to both home and business use.

Modern inkjet printers boast a plethora of functions. These printers can read digital memory cards and print high-resolution photos. Some multi-function printers can print, scan, and fax. It is important to consider your options before deciding on which is best for you to purchase.

Think about the expenses that will be involved in the extended use of the inkjet printer. Color printers can commonly be purchased for less than $100. Keep in mind, however, that the same low priced printers require the frequent purchase of expensive ink cartridges.

Many inkjet printers are sold with inkjet printer ink straight out of the box, but the cartridges might be smaller than normal. It is important to think about this when deciding which printer is for you.

Find out the price of ink replacement on any low priced printers before making a purchase. Consider options like generic cartridges and refilling cartridges.

If the starter ink cartridges that come with the printer are only going to last for forty or fifty pages, a low price might not really be so low after all since you'll need to buy new ink so quickly.

Black and white printing are more common than color printing, so check on the price of the black print cartridge. On some printer models, larger black cartridges are available and buying those could help save money over the life of the printer.

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