Tips for Elegant Eating and Fine Dining

Keep Your Reservations: Fine dining restaurant usually requires a reservation. To make sure they can accommodate you and your party makes a reservation well in advance. If you do not attends a dinner during the time of your reservation, make sure you call and let them know. This is a general curiosity to tell the restaurant or cafe that you are no longer going to be eating there.

Understanding Menu: If you've asked a few questions and still not sure what you want from the menu, you decide to ask about a dish or chef features signature dishes. Possible chef's signature dish will be great, so long as it's something you think you can eat try to go with it.

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Wine: Unless you are very experienced wine connoisseur, the possibility of a wine list in fine dining restaurants can be a bit daunting. If you are not sure what wine to choose, ask your server for suggestions.

Server or any other member of the restaurant staff should have a decent understanding of wine and should be able to guide you in the right direction. If the staff seems less than helpful, pick something you know. It's probably a good idea to read up on your wine before going to eat outs.

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