The Various Types Of Pens

When giving gifts to customers, you may be giving away pens. Promotional pens are very common because they are more affordable, many people use them and they are something that people need daily.

Well, here are the types that you can choose.

1. A ballpoint pen: This is one of the most common types used and you can get these promotional pens. The problem is they are so popular that everyone can get them, which means that your promotional pen can be lost in the clutter. You can also look for a ballpoint pen rose gold via

ballpoint pen

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Ballpoint pens are recommended because the ink dries immediately on paper, and is very reliable. More people use the pen than any other in the world.

2. A rolling ballpoint pen: The pen uses a liquid or a water-based gel through the tip of the ball, which makes it easier for the pen to slide on the paper. Many people like the pen because it is so smooth when writing and they look good.

3. A fountain pen: One of the oldest types of pens is the fountain pen. This pen uses a liquid-based ink of water through the spout. The ink comes from a reservoir.

4. A felt-tip pen: This type uses a fibrous material that is often used for labeling and coloring. These markers, more kind, are used on whiteboards, cardboard, and more.

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