The Allure Of Black Jewellery

Black jewelry is not boring! It can be elegant and sophisticated and will complement any outfit. As a black stone fan, I love their association with the knowledge of crystals and gems. 

Black stone absorbs color and therefore does not reflect light. They are associated with the planet Saturn and can symbolize rebellion and spirit power. To get more details about black jewelry you may check it here.

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The former association with mature and Victorian aunts and the use of black stones such as Whitby Jet for mourning jewelry has now given way to elegant and stylish jewelry to be used alone or in combination with other stones and diamonds. 

The possibilities are endless worn as a ring or set in a silver chain, or in an unusual material such as wood or stainless steel. They can be modern or "new age", funky or "gothic".

Onyx is a member of the agate family and is available in a variety of colors other than black. It is popular for making cameos and is also found in men's jewelry, especially rings. Onyx is said to eliminate negative thinking and encourage positive thinking.

The most popular is the black diamond. In recent years, black diamonds have gained popularity. They are often heat-treated to show the intensity of their color.

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