Study Hindu Studies Course Online

The Hindu life program is in the process of designing the on-the web Hindu studies experience for all our students and community members. The primary purpose of the center could be the analysis of Hindu civilization, religion, sciences, literature science, philosophy, history, arts, and society, at all stages and in all sections of the world. All Hindu customs are included.

The study of yoga is immense, shinier, and brighter. Think of it as an enormous part of apple Tarte Tatin; with each apple sliver representing an alternative century of Indian history and philosophy. Explore our areas of study for a better understanding of Hindu studies online courses.


Below you will find a brief description of the different courses that Hindu studies include:

  • For students interested in learning more regarding the Upanishads, that really is a wonderful class that studies verse-by-verse three of their most economical and most reachable Upanishads.

  • For every semester, you'll be offered English translations of the chapter under consideration. Sanskrit terms which can be utilized in the writing are going to be a center point, as well as the standard commentaries on the Gita. The course will work at understanding these teachings can be relevant in our everyday life.

  • There are lots of selected passages that'll receive specific and focused attention. In particular, you will examine what religious beliefs and methods the Vedas and Upanishads urge.

  • If you are interested in where a lot of the stories and theories central to Hindu dharma arise out of, look no further than the Puranas. These Sanskrit texts are a set of eighteen"major" texts and also innumerable innumerable"minor" works. Additionally, we will read certain passages relating to Vishnu, Shiva, and Durga.

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