Some of The Best Neon Gift Ideas

There are many gift ideas for medium and high-end gifts, but neon-based items are sure to be different and memorable. Various adaptations to fluorescent and LED lighting technology over the years have paved the way for some very fun and dazzling gifts.

The most popular form of neon gifts is neon or LED signs. Neon signs come in all shapes, sizes and brands. There are patriotic signs for your country, signs for bars and restaurants, signs for states, cities and towns, signs for sports, drinks, hobbies, cars, games. You can also get fluorescent lights for birthday parties and other celebrations. 

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Neon clocks are also a great idea. Clocks look better in bedrooms, playrooms, and caves, and are available as neon signs in a variety of themes. 

There are billiards, cars, company logos, drinks, card games, athletes, sports teams, locations and much more. Some are just plain clocks with simple hour and minute hands but have very bright single or double ring fluorescent bezels.

Neon posters are newer for the illuminated gift scene and are so fun and different. This is a poster or wall art featuring actual lights on a stage. A view of a dark sky lit with neon or LED lights and stars. Many snack bars are lit with miniature fluorescent lights at night and the car's headlights turn on too.

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