Pruning And Shaping Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Given right care, lots of sunshine, and sufficient soil to increase its root ball, your mess around leaf fig will develop quick. Healthy plant life may also develop numerous inches or maybe some toes every year.

They can get lopsided or too large for his or her area in a hurry.  Pruning will hold your plant healthful, balanced, and an excellent length for its area. You can enhance the beauty of your room or office just by buying Fiddle leaf fig plant from plantvine online stores.

indoor fiddle leaf fig

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Below is your manual to nicely pruning your mess around leaf fig plant.

Benefits of pruning

Just like we cut our hair or trim our pets, our houseplants also need regular pruning. This not only improves its appearance, but also contributes to the overall health of the plant. Some of the benefits of cutting your violin can include:

Space – Under very good conditions, figs can grow insanely from the leaves of the violin and you may find that your violin gets "crowded". Trimming some leaves and branches allows better airflow for your plant.

Disease – If some leaves develop brown spots or signs of disease, prune the area immediately. Not only does your plant spend a lot of energy treating this problem area, these leaves can also infect other plants in the vicinity and quickly spread throughout the plant.

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