Personalized 3D Crystal Gifts

Shining 3D Laser blended the crystal artwork with all the high-tech laser design technology, producing fine art of 3d crystal clear.

Together with Shining 3d laser diamond engraving Machine along with alternative three-dimensional and manufacturing printing equipment, Shining 3D Camera breaks fresh ground for the personalized gift market.

3D Laser Photoengraving Machine is the hottest laser engraving machine at the companies of crystal design, high-end crystal group processing, glass jewelry, glassware anti-photography, etc.

Shining 3D Laser Engraving Machine C collection constructed for large-size large-size engraving and an extremely exact batch processing of engraving goods, convenient for the processing company crystal gift requests, or higher precision mass customization crystal present, with higher speed, automatic multi-batch processing always, have improved considerably in the design precision, processing efficiency, etc.

To unite Shining 3D Laser Engraving Machine for an instance, the model recorded by the 3D Camera may create high-resolution point cloud information, along with the typical digital photos that may also be dealt with via the system, which makes a gorgeous customized crystal gift.

If paired with adoring captions, or other personalized decorations engraved in the crystal, it is going to continue to keep this traditional instant so that turned into a highlight character souvenir.

Together with the tiling technologies, the largest benefit of this HS laser system is the best mixture of greater resolution (800dpi) with substantial engraving dimensions to be 300*300*100mm, plus a fantastic balance between quality and investment, which may meet all of the demand of the crystal illustration for 3D and 2D for manufacturing center.

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