Online Classrooms: A New Way To Share Knowledge

Online classrooms are learning environments that exist exclusively in the form of digital content that is stored and accessed via computer networks and information systems such as PDAs, laptops, cell phones, etc.

The main difference between physical classrooms and online classrooms is the location, time, and space that students and teachers need to access and participate in classroom activities. To get more information about the  zoom online classroom visit

online classroom

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In a physical class, the physical location must be visited at a certain time to participate, while the virtual class has no physical access and there is no fixed time or location, which is a big advantage.

Online classes are used to provide additional communication and materials along with the training that takes place in physical classes.  An essential tool for video recorders to communicate/participate in is:-


-Discussion board

-Chat rooms

-Video / audio conferencing

-Conference calling

In online classrooms, synchronous communication is used by students to communicate with their classmates and teachers. This provides real-time interaction and encourages group discussion. Chat, video/audio conferencing, podcasting /vodcasting, and conference calling are all tools for synchronous learning.

Online classrooms transcend the boundaries of place, time, and space and offer a flexible learning environment for everyone. Schools, universities, and business organizations benefit from VCR learning because it is the best way for specialists to teach a geographically dispersed group of students without a fight.

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