Know the Process of Making Wooden Crates

Choosing Your Wood

The first step is to decide what type of wood you want to make your strongbox out of. Cedar and pine are a popular choice, with pine might be a little easier to work with. To make the first crate you need:

• (12) 1×4 board be situated for three feet long elements.

• (12) 1×4 board be situated two feet long elements.

This board will be the tip edges of your crate. Next, you will need:

• (4) 2×4 board were two feet long elements.

It will be a box corner supports. If you want custom timber goods for making wooden crates then you can explore various online sources.

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Put some boards of 2×4 down on a flat surface. Next put three 1×4 & 2×4 base in it. Make sure you have a tip even with the outer edge of this 2×4.

Now you are going to screw this together 1×4 and 2×4's. I recommend using 1 1/2 inch wood screws for this. Repeat the above steps on the other side of the crate.

Connecting Sides

Now it's time to connect the two sides. Do this by screwing two-foot-long 1×4 to 2×4's edge.

To complete the bottom you will need three-foot-long 1×4 and two-foot-long 1×4's. Place a longboard three feet in the open part of the crate, and make sure the edges of each board that is even with the outside.

Next, the place of the longboard two feet at the end, and then screw into each board and finally to the end of this 2×4. I recommend 1 screw for this step. Repeat the same steps at the far end, and finish by adding the rest of the two boards into the middle to provide stability and support.

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