Know More About Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs have the tendency to wear out where they are often walked on. Of course, this cannot be avoided; however you can do something about it by altering the placement of your rug. Also keep in mind that if you keep walking on a dirty rug, sooner or later, it will give up on you.

Dirt and sand are like sandpapers that grind into rugs, so for this reason alone, it's important to have Oriental rug cleaning regularly. You can also look for professional rug cleaning in Perth.

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It's vital that you have your rug cleaned so that it can retain its worth, aesthetics, and quality. You may either clean it yourself or have a professional rug cleaning service provider do the task for you.

When you rub your hand forcefully on the rug for a couple seconds and find even the smallest dirt particle on it, then it's time to have it cleaned.

Here are key points In order to keep your rug looking neat:

1. Vacuum the rug, then hang it up and beat the dust as well as dirt which may still remain.

2. Place your rug on a flat surface, such as your garage floor, driveway or your deck.

3. Use cool water to wet the rug and test a small area with a mild rug shampoo, to make sure the color does not run.

4. Gently brush the shampoo into the grain of your rug.

5. Clean your rug and its fringes by using your shampoo and water mixture.

6. Rinse out the rug with running water.

7. Finish the cleansing process by laying your rug out, flat to dry.

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