Know More About General Contractors Insurance Policies

In the construction business, General Contractors operates as a traffic director on a project. With this responsibility comes some obligation to help protect your business. General contractors need a certain type of insurance policy that will protect them from accidents that could occur on the job.

As a general contractor liability insurance some independent contractors fall under your control. Everyone knows tough everywhere all the time, so that accidents can happen even if you keep a close eye on everything.

Important Insurance Policy General Contractor:

General Contractor Liability Insurance

Fortified Insurance Group is designed to help pay the cost in terms of body injury or property damage that occurred on the third party. The insurance company will pay the medical fees and all costs associated with the claim litigation.

General Contractor Liability Insurance Protecting Your Company From:

Physical injury

Injuries are physical damage to someone who does not work for you. This can be an existing client in the workplace, or it can be someone in public if one of your employees cause injury time during the operation of the company

Damage to property

Property damage works much like bodily injury unless it is for one's property is not for themselves. As General Contractor electricity you have working for you, if they happen to cause a fire that damages your home work at home plus side, the insurance will pay the cost of the damage.

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