Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you're looking for kids bedroom decor ideas, you've come to the right place. From colorful wall murals to Blackout panels that block the sun during mid-day naps, you'll find it all in this article. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for kids bedrooms from I hope you find them useful! I hope these tips will inspire you to decorate your child's room. Good luck! And don't forget to ask for my advice!

Murals add whimsy and personality

Kids bedroom wall murals are great for adding character and whimsy to your child's room. They can be hung like wallpaper and feature all of your child's favorite things, hobbies, or favorite characters. Some murals can even be created on chalkboard paint so your child can continue to add to it over time. Your child will love helping you to make the mural.

If you want your child to learn, murals make excellent educational tools. Children are highly visual learners, so bright, vivid colors will grab their attention and help them learn. They will be more likely to retain information when they see something that interests them. A mural will also add an educational component to the room. Murals are a fun and educational way to add whimsy and personality to a child's room.

Blackout panels block the sun during a mid-day nap

Aside from blocking the sun, blackout panels can also reduce the glare of the sun, a crucial element for a sound night's sleep. These panels are available in 14 colors and five lengths, so they can be installed in any kids' bedroom decor. To learn more about this product, read the FAQs About Thermal Insulated Curtains. In addition, blackout curtains are the perfect solution for blocking out light during nap time.

Lighting is an important factor in the sleep/wake cycle of children, so use dimming lights in the child's room when it is time for sleep. Another important feature for the kids' room is the blackout panels, which block the sun during the mid-day nap. These curtains are especially useful for homes in colder climates, where the sun's rays can disrupt the circadian rhythm.

Wall art

Adding a few paintings to your child's bedroom walls is a good way to bring some color into the room. Paintings have been a popular way of decorating kids' rooms for ages. Make sure to choose funky, colorful paintings that relate to your child's interests. You could also have a picture of your child's favorite character framed and hung on the walls. Children are more likely to appreciate unique artwork than classic works.

When selecting wall art for your child's bedroom, remember that different styles and types will suit their personalities. While you may prefer classic children's scenes to more contemporary images, you can still find something suitable for your child's room. Brightly colored images will attract an older child's attention and might even help soothe their irritated soul. If your child is a budding artist, consider purchasing a piece of their work to hang on his or her wall.

Floor lamps

If you're looking for a way to give your kids' room more light, a floor lamp may be the perfect choice. Unlike traditional lamps, floor lamps don't need a shade and can be used as both a primary and ambient source of light. These lamps also feature adjustable three-way bulbs, so you can change their brightness as necessary. You can also purchase models with adjustable necks, so you can direct their light beam where you need it.

Alternatively, you could opt for a lamp with a marble base and adjustable arms. These lamps are great for kid's rooms because they can easily be turned on and off from bed. The arms are also slightly adjustable, which means your child can use them to reach out and touch them. They will be happy with a lamp like this! A good tip is to consider the size and placement of your room before you buy a floor lamp.


Whether you're decorating your own children's bedroom or buying a furniture set for a young one, dressers are an essential part of the decor. Not only do they serve as storage for clothing and toys, they can also serve as a place to store clean laundry. Choose a dresser that is timeless and has storage space you can easily use in other rooms. Here are some ideas for selecting a kids dresser.

Before buying a dresser for your child, be sure to consider the room's overall aesthetic and the existing furniture pieces. Many parents purchase a change table and crib set when their child is a baby, but you can also purchase a dresser on its own. As your child grows, so will their wardrobe, so choose one that suits their needs for years to come. While choosing a dresser, remember that size and design will change as they grow.

Wooden toys

While plastic toys are cheap and widely available, wooden toys are more durable and can be more fun for your child. Additionally, wooden toys help you save the planet! While plastic toys are often cheap, they break quickly and get tossed into landfills, causing pollution and other issues. Wooden toys are also less flashy than plastic toys, so they can pass for a Danish design object on your mantle or even be as elegant as succulents on your mantle. Amish furniture is a great way to customize a child's room by using the wood and stain color of your choice.

Wooden toys for kids bedroom decor add texture and warmth to the room. The light brown and creamy white wood colors of the recycled wood will look amazing in your child's room. You can use salvaged wood boards as furniture and wall design. If you are more modern, you can also add ceiling beams made of wooden material. You can also use modern wooden toys as part of your kids' room decor. They make a great alternative to plastic, which can also be toxic.

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