Important info

Steve Lewis, SPAA President, would like to thank all Weekend Gala attendees for their generosity (and patience) during this thrilling and overflowing landmark event. There is never enough time to thank at the show all those who labored behind the scene to bring these yearly celebrations into reality, so here goes:

The Friday Opening Reception was directed by Bruce Heath, with Roslyn Hahn, Patrice Harrington, Diane Lazinsky, Robert Lewis and Marianne Josephs Cohen assisting, and catering was provided by Irene Dranow Claymore.

Steve Lewis directed the check-in staff, including Cheryl Bass Pomerantz, Ben Kushner and many of the aforementioned names.

Alumni contact was coordinated by Margaret Marchisio Luca with assistance from Roslyn Hahn.

The Gala was hosted by PA alumni (from l. – r.): Irene Dranow Blaymore, Barbara Nevins Taylor and Lynne Crystal. It was produced by Robert Lewis and Irene Dranow Claymore.

Faculty awards were prepared by Marianne Josephs Cohen and Mick Andreano. Faculty presence was coordinated by Jo-Ann Bruggemann Victor.

The SPAA Store was managed by Mick Andreano, and many items were a complete sell-out! T-Shirts are NOT coming back until NEXT YEAR, but the commemorative Poster and Photo CD are both still available via mail order.