Immigration Solicitors – Student Visa is Declined

According to the UK immigration law under immigration law, the UK border agency might have discovered one or more reasons why an application for a student visa is declined. There is a variety of rules to follow for an application for a student visa, which depends on the length that the student is taking.

 If a student intends to enroll in a course that will last less than six months the application will fall under the visa for visitors. This is the first process that all students must go through when they start their journey. You can contact the best immigration lawyers so that your visa application process goes smoothly.

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If you are entitled to appeal a letter will be sent to you along with directions on how to proceed. What are the odds of being denied? Check out the below answers:

  • As per the UK immigration law, the UK Border Agency has the power to deny your application based on the reasons listed below:

  • The course you are planning to pursue isn't provided by the UK list of schools that are accredited.

  • A majority of UK Border Agency personnel believe that the primary reason to come in the UK is not to learn in any way

  • You did not meet the rules enacted by UK immigration law in order to pay for the fees, and you do not have the financial capacity to pay for the education you receive while within the United Kingdom

Let's say you've been granted a six-month stay in the UK to pursue your studies. You may require an extension which is why you are able to request an extension of your stay.

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