HVAC Basic Guide – Air Conditioning Control System

The main controller that comes with your return cycle air conditioner is equipped with a thermostat that measures the temperature of the air conditioner. This temperature is usually read from the controller itself or, more often, from the unit's air return box, which is located in the attic.

Sometimes when the temperature is read on the return air box, it is not an accurate representation of the room temperature. The room itself can be very cold, but when air is circulated in the recirculation box, it can get significantly warmer, which means the air conditioner is still working. It is really easy to get the best Burlington hvac repair services from professionals.

A Complete Beginners Guide to Commercial HVAC Terminology

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In this situation, the device continues to work even if the person gets cold. However, there are two ways to work around this. First, increasing the control temperature will cause the device to spin faster. It's worth noting that the controller's temperature setting is usually imprecise, but works like a scale.

Second, some people place a sturdy permanent pipe in their aisle near the rear air vent. As the name suggests, this constant is always on. This allows conditioned air to easily return to the unit's return air box, thus closing the circuit. 

In this case, if you only work with your bedroom away from the exhaust, the air from the room will overheat before returning to the exhaust. However, the constant will still release air directly back into the grille, which will turn off the device and ultimately save you money on operating costs.

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