How to Register a New Vehicle

You finally successfully passed the driving test and are now a licensed driver allowed on the road. 

Every car driving on public roads must be registered, i.e. you must provide your details to the state as the person responsible for the vehicle and pay your taxes and registration fees.

To register your new vehicle you can apply for Vehicle Registration Renewal Online.

Online Registration Renewal

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Here are some tips on how to register your car for the first time as a teenager or driver.

Get a title in your name

The first step in registering a vehicle is to have legal proof that you are the owner and responsible for the vehicle. When buying your car, you will need to obtain proof of ownership or vehicle title, which you will sign and take to the local vehicle inspection point during the registration process.

Carry out the necessary checks

There's a good chance your vehicle will need to undergo at least one inspection before it can be registered in your name. Most states require you to test your car's emissions.

Before you go

After you buy a vehicle, you usually have a grace period to register your car with local authorities. Generally, the grace period is around 30 days, but in some cases, it can be as little as three to five business days.

Go to local office

If you have the opportunity to schedule an appointment at your local office, be sure to arrive early. Once your registration is complete, some states will give you your new local registration number.

Update your registration

Your registration usually has to be renewed annually, usually before the end of the month indicated on your registration sticker. We recommend paying the renewal fee well before your registration expires to keep it up to date.



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