How to Learn Japanese – Best Proven Way

How to learn Japanese? Well there are many different way to learn Japanese of course, however, I can show you what is the best way to learn Japanese.

Learn Japanese script first:

I have been teaching Japanese for over 10 years, and I have noticed that those who put a bit of effort in the beginning to study Japanese script* seem to enjoy the Japanese learning experience more. The excitement to be able to read and write motivates them to learn more.

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*There are 3 kinds of letters in Japanese: hiragana, katakana and kanji (Chinese characters).

What is good about hiragana and katakana is that they are phonetic representations of sounds, so once you have mastered them, it is very easy to read and write. Kanji convey meanings as well as sounds.

Therefore I strongly recommend you to start learning hiragana by listening how to pronounce and then how to write in the right stroke orders. There are many Japanese learning sites for that purpose.

Once you are familiar with hiragana, start learning katakana as soon as possible. You will be able to read more with katakana in the real situation than hiragana. Because  hiragana is mostly used for the particles and the inflecting parts of words etc.

However, katakana is used for foreign names and loan words and good thing is that there are many katakana words in Japanese language.

So why don't you start to learn hiragana and katakana today. You can do this without a tutor!

Quick daily expressions:

Of course, it is always exciting to learn some easy everyday expressions and if you can say a few of those expressions, I will guarantee you that many Japanese people will say to you that you speak very good Japanese!

As you learn some simple Japanese phrases, try to write them down in Japanese.


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