How To Build A Shed Roof – Building Shed Roof Rafters

Learning how to build a shed roof often slows people down when it comes to shedding building. It seems that the walls are easy because they are square and stand straight up but when it comes to sloping roof angles and rafters that hang over the edges of the walls or cutting the birds' mouth on a rafter that many people get stumped. 

This article outlines the basic steps to building a shed roof with a 4/12 pitch and a peak in the middle to hopefully take some of the mystery out of shed roof building. Click here to get more information regarding a shed roof.

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Plumb The Walls

The first step is to make sure that all the walls are plumb and square which means that they are standing straight up and down and that the corners are square. These two items are important because once the roof trusses or rafters are installed the walls will be permanently stuck in whatever position they are in.

Put a level on the side of the shed and moving the walls until they are straight and then bracing them in place with pieces of scrap wood. Having crooked walls is more of a problem on larger sheds because there is more distance for things to get out of square.

Check the shed walls for square by measuring diagonally from corner to corner. Push the corners in or out until the two dimensions are the same.

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